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To everything there is a season – and a limited edition Fort George collaboration. The aromatic Tender Loving Empire NWPA quenches your springtime thirst for Oregon-made music, craft, community, and of course, beer. In 2013 we are only releasing 2200 cases each of our limited edition, seasonal canned beers. At the current rate we estimate that the last of Tender Loving Empire NWPA will leave the brewery in…

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Like the end of a bright day, TLE Northwest Pale Ale glows with a tangerine hue, emanating harmonies of citrus fortified by notes of pine. It’s organically brewed in the Sunset Empire, a.k.a. Astoria, OR. Tender Loving Empire, our collaborator, synchronizes a well-known record label with a silk-screening studio and a handmade craft and music store in downtown Portland.

Fort George Brewery and Tender Loving Empire Present

Parts I-III of a four part series of music video premiers shot on location along the Columbia and Willamette River and following a path to the source of the oh-so-delicious Tender Loving Empire NWPA.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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