Quick Wit


Brewer's notes

"Quick" beat out "Dim" and "Half" for acceptable names. And yes, this beer will make you smarter.


2 row malted barley
Organic Wheat Malt
Challenger Hops
Fort George House Belgian Yeast
Astoria slow and filtered water.

No filters, finings or clarifiers.

5.2% ALC. / VOL.


A Belgian Style ale that’s very pale and cloudy in appearance due it being unfiltered and its high level of wheat. Wit beer is traditionally brewed with coriander and orange zest.  Ours uses organic pale and wheat malts, ground coriander, organic lemongrass (to impart a citrus character) and wild-crafted elderflower. There is no bitterness evident in this beer whatsoever, which gives your palate room to explore the smooth wheat malt and tantalizingly exotic spices that will quietly entertain your thirst.

*Answers to Brain Teasers*

Coin Puzzle:  Move the first quarter to the end of the line; move the middle quarter to the end of the line; scoot the first penny to the right.

Spot the Differences: Center king has no staff. Left king has tall crown. Right king has feet tucked in. Right king has a more decorative chest decoration.

Bonus question: All Belgium’s kings have belonged to the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, a German dynasty.