Cavatica Stout


Brewer's notes

The Latin root of Cavatica is cave, crevice, abyss or a dark place. Just like a stout should be.


Organic 2 Row Malted Barley
Munich Malt
Black Barley
Cascade Hops
Fort George House Yeast

Astoria slow sand filtered water.

No filters, finings or clarifiers.

8.8% ABV


An immense, bold, black as night, American stout beauty; Cavatica is no dry Irish anything, one sip and you’ll surely take notice of what you’re drinking. The name honors this brewer’s affinity with arachnia. Be forewarned, this beer will stain your clothes. This is Fort George’s house stout that has gained a reputation for being mighty and contagious among the locals.

Bourbon Barrel Cavatica Stout

Fresh american oak barrels from Willett Distilling Company rolled out, one-by-one, infusing the brewery with the rich aroma of Straight Kentucky Bourbon. The brewers expeditiously filled each barrel with Fort George Cavatica Stout, stacked them neatly in the Lovell Showroom, and then waited… and waited… and waited… until now.