Brewer's notes

No two batches are NEVER the same.


Organic 2-Row Malt
Honey Malt
Caramel 120
LOTS of hand picked Fresh Hops
Fort George House Yeast

Astoria slow sand filtered water.

No filters, finings or clarifiers.

5% ABV


The Fort George Brewery was founded on the idea that many hands make light work. We extend this philosophy to the creation of our seasonal fresh hop beer. The call went out to all of the Fort George fans to bring in their hops that were growing on fences, barns, and houses. People from all over our county and even from Portland came and donated their hops for our Co-Hoperative Ale. We then spent a day picking them off the vines not knowing what some of the hops were. Thanks to some of the growers we know that a portion of the hops were Nugget, Cascade, Chinook and Citra. The next day we combined all of freshly picked hops into a delicious amber beer. It smells like teamwork and tastes like unity. Enjoy this light, crisp amber beer and take note of its harmonious spirit.