Fort George Beer

Fort George crafts original beers distributed only in the Northwest. Whether in cans or kegs at our pub in Astoria or on your front porch, our brews bring people together in aromatic headiness and lupulin ecstasy.

Canned Regulars

Some of our beers have developed a following that extends far beyond the geographical ability of folks to stop by for a pint every day.  These beers are also highly desirable to take along with you on mountain climbs, bike-rides, rafting trips or just hanging out at the train-tracks with friends. We studied long and hard about the best way to accommodate people and keep the beer as fresh as possible and the answer was Cans! These are our beers that we individually wrap in 16 and 12 ounce aluminum cylinders of joy to spread around the Northwest. Check our Beer Finder to see where yours awaits you.


Canned Seasonals

Fort George Brewery wants to support, celebrate, and collaborate with local Northwest artisans, artists, and craftspeople. To this end, we have developed a program of creating seasonal, limited release canned beers that are collaborations with other local businesses who we really think are doing amazing things.  In the spring of 2013, we released our first canned seasonal collaboration, Tender Loving Empire NWPA (Northwest Pale Ale).   Tender Loving Empire, our collaborator, synchronizes a well-known record label with a silk-screening studio and a handmade craft and music store in downtown Portland.  For the summer of 2013, to fulfill every beer drinker’s fantasy, we did a 3-Way IPA with Gigantic Brewing and Lompoc Brewing.


Draft Regulars

You can’t make something people love and then just take it away. There is a rainbow of beer styles that have found a dedicated constituency here at the Fort and we are determined to work as hard as possible to keep them on tap. Even the most discriminating and particular of beer drinkers can usually find something they like in our regular line-up.


Draft Only Seasonals

The turning of the seasons affects not only the strange fashions our brewers clad themselves in, but also the different ingredients that are available to them to make beer with. Throughout the year we bring out beers that are only possible when Mother Earth offers her bounty. From Spruce Buds, to Pumpkins to that perfect Oyster, we try to stay in tune with what will nourish our beer the best.


On the other hand, who wants to drink the same thing every day? We have a stable of creative and motivated brewers that are always coming up with innovative ideas for new beers. If they were ever offered the proverbial laurels to honor their achievements we are sure they would promptly try to figure out how to make beer out of them. Some of these make semi-regular appearances and others may never be seen again. Remember that when you have a chance to try something new.