Fort George crafts original beers distributed only in the Northwest. Whether in cans or kegs, at our pub in Astoria or on your front porch, our brews bring people together in aromatic headiness and lupulin ecstasy.

Our Beers

Overdub IPA - A good beer is like a good sound recording: balanced and pristine. Soft and subdued when it needs to be - in your face and crankin' when it must. A 16-oz collaboration with Tape Op, the cre…

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Fort George Stout Month - February is forever Stout Month at Fort George Brewery. The shortest and darkest month is the perfect time to showcase the immense variety within this style. For lovers of r…

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Pub & Brewery

Everything we do comes back to making beer and better beer drinking. That is why we insist on providing great food to complement your beer and excellent hospitality that enhances the experience. The…

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